ATTENTION ALL KIDS AND TEENAGERS looking for ways to make money!  It’s hard when your pocket money just won’t stretch as far as you want it to.  So why not take matters into your own hands and earn some extra cash for yourself. Not only will it give you a bit more freedom but also the chance to gain some new skills.  Not to mention the extra cash that you will have to spend on those things that you really want!  So look no further than the following ideas and tips to inspire you and get earning!

Odd jobs 

Think of a list of handy jobs that you are willing and able to do then approach your family, friends and neighbours to offer your services.  Think about how much you can reasonably charge for your services and be willing to negotiate!  Ideas you could consider are:-

Shopping, Running errands, Housework, Dog Walking, Car washing, Pet Sitting, Baby sitting, House sitting

Selling on e-bay

If you have some toys or clothes that you no longer use then consider selling them on e-bay.  The beauty of Ebay is that you can reach such a wide audience and although branded and current items will sell the best there may well be buyers looking for unusual /less popular items too.  Once you have decided what you are willing to part with then make sure you do your research to find out what similar items have sold for.  You will need an adult to do the selling part for you as the minimum age to trade on e-bay  is 18.