Get paid for completing online surveys. UK businesses spend millions of pounds marketing each year.  A key part of this is market research and asking consumers their views and opinions on products and brands via online surveys.  As a reward for completing these online surveys, companies are willing to pay people for their time spent.  Payment can be in the form of either cash, vouchers (such as High street or Amazon etc.) or even in prizes.

The amount you get paid for completing online surveys varies considerably from just a few pence to several pounds.  The main factor usually depends upon how long it will take to complete the survey.  A good thing with surveys is that you can fill them in whenever you have a bit of free time in order to earn a bit of extra cash.

Things to look out for when considering completing online surveys for cash are: 

  • Check that the company or website offering the surveys are reputable – this can be achieved by checking out some of the online paid survey forums to see what other people are saying about particular surveys and which ones they have found the best.
  • Check the £ threshold limit (if any) that needs to be reached before you get paid.  Some companies for example will not pay out until you have completed say £25 worth of surveys.
  • Check when and how you will be paid (BACS, Paypal, or cheque) and that the payment method is suitable to you.
  • Try and choose surveys that you have knowledge or interest in as it will make the process more interesting and you are likely to complete them quicker.
  • Check which currency you will get paid in – ideally you are likely to want to get paid in your home currency for example sterling pounds £ or US $ etc.
  • Sign up to at least three different survey sites to maximize the number of surveys that are available to you and to increase the amount of money you earn.
So what are you waiting for? with literally thousands of online paid surveys to 
complete in the UK then why not start a survey now.