Whether you are looking to start up a business or simply de-clutter your house then ebay is an excellent place to trade your goods.

Here are some tips for successful selling on ebay: –

Research similar products on ebay and price your item competitively.  This is possible through looking at the completed listing to see what actually sold and at what price.  If you are considering selling a lot of items as your main source of income rather than just a little bit of extra cash then it would be worth investing in software such a Terapeak that will do analysis on Ebay product listing for you and thus help you avoid any costly mistakes. 

Consider when might be the best time of year to sell your item. For example: – you should find it easier to sell items such as coats and jumpers in the autumn or winter and items such as t-shirts, shorts and swimwear in the spring or summer.

Add a photo of your item – potential buyers always like to see the item that they are thinking of purchasing. Find a background that suits the colour of the item, white and neutral colours often work best. You could use a bed sheet, towels or pieces of card as your background but make sure the background covers the entire photographic area. Try and use natural lighting when taking photos.  A good tip when selling clothes is to use a mannequin as they really enhance the product (second hand ones can be purchased quite cheaply). 

Write an informative description that really sells your product to potential buyers. However, it is important to ensure that your description is accurate as if the item is not as you describe it then the buyer may have recourse to action and quite understandably may give you negative feedback.

Answer queries from potential buyers promptly and honestly.

Ensure your postage and packaging fees are reasonable.

Dispatch items promptly as unnecessary delays could result in negative feedback from the buyer. If there are any unavoidable delays then ensure you keep the buyer fully informed.