With the price of petrol and diesel rising at levels well above inflation, why not try and save money by actually reducing the amount of fuel you use. This can be achieved by a few simple steps below:

 Remove unnecessary items

Remove any unnecessary clutter in the boot and back seats. The lighter the load, the more miles per gallon (MPG) you will achieve.

Be a smooth driver!

By diving in a smooth manner and trying to avoid fast acceleration and heavy braking, you will use less fuel and hence improve you MPG.

 Tyre pressure

Ensure that you tyres are inflated to the correct level as recommended by the manufacturer and regularly check their level. Tyres that are not inflated correctly will reduce your fuel efficiency.

 Do not speed excessively

 Drive at the recommended speed limit. It is said that the optimal speed for fuel consumption is approximately 56 MPH.   This means that speeds in excess of this will result in less fuel efficiency by approximately 10% for each additional 5MPH in excess of this optimal speed.


Insurance is a major   cost when running a car, however many people simply do not shop around and/or research different quote options before their next renewal.   There are many factors that can help reduce your premium such as   the   level of   excess that you are willing to pay in the event of a claim.   Also most companies will offer you a reduced   premium if you will be   parking your car in a garage overnight, or have a specific car alarm or immobilizer. So go ahead and get a non obligation quote now and see what savings you can make on you next renewal

Correct gear

Improve fuel efficiency by always driving in the highest gear possible.

 No need to “Warm up” the car

 There is no need to “warm up” the engine before driving – it simply wastes fuel!   Instead, drive off as gently as you can for the first five minutes of the trip.

Cheap Petrol

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CheapGet fit, save money and help save the environment, all in one go!

Think! – do you really need to use the car to go for a short trip? Why not walk where possible. It will help you stay fit, save you money and also help reduce pollution levels.