The Army, Royal Air Force and Royal Navy provide a huge array of varied job and career opportunities both on the front line and behind the scenes. Despite cutbacks in recent years when compared to a decade ago, there are still many opportunities available due to the ever increasing threat to national security and the demands of the UK to play a world leading role around the globe in places such as Iraq,.

The rewards to be gained serving in the forces extend far pass just the financial ones. For example the opportunity to travel the world, maintain a high level of fitness and forge close and long life friendships.  This is in addition to the financial benefits of subsidised accommodation, travel, gym and food plus one of the best pensions currently around. The forces are an equal opportunity employer and recruit from all faiths, backgrounds and ethnics.

The Army – Provide a fighting force with operations and deployments all over the world including Afghanistan, Libya, Africa, Brunei, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Germany, The south Atlantic Islands and Canada just to name a few. There are over 220 differing roles within the army including combat, engineering, IT, Communications, engineering, HR , medical, ceremonial, logistics, supply and finance. Basic soldier training will be provided as well as specialist training for your chosen job.  The opportunity to move up the ranks will further provide you with increased training especially in the area of management and leadership which will of course be coupled with an increase in salary.

The Territorial Army – This is an excellent way that you can earn additional money alongside your normal job.  You will need to commit to a certain number of weekends and training exercises per year. In return you will get paid and also will get a bonus if you complete a certain amount of training.

The Royal Navy – provides opportunities in over 5000 different jobs so there should be no problem in choosing one that suits you, and with over 139 million miles of sea and over 58 million miles of land, the opportunity of travel is tremendous.  The variety is immense and includes Royal Marines commando (one of the world’s most elite fighting force), chef, supply and logistics, weapons engineer, and warfare specialists just to mention a few. You can choose to join at any stage – school leaver, Graduate (to gain entry at Officer level) or even straight from your normal working job.  There is also the option to join the Royal Marine or Royal Naval Reservists whereby you train part time while still retaining your civilian job.

The Royal Air Force –As with the forces above, the RAF provides a significant array of different jobs and careers in the general areas of Air crew and support, medical, personnel, communications, security, technical, intelligence, logistics, engineering etc… They also recruit trained professionals such as dentists, doctors, nurses, lawyers and chaplains.

If you are at or are planning to attend university then it is highly recommended to join the Officer Training Corps, University Air Squadron, or the University Royal Navy Unit.  By joining these groups you will gain an invaluable insight into military life and also stand you in an advantageous position when applying to join the forces.

You may also be able to benefit from a scholarship, apprenticeship, cadetship, bursary or joining bonus.