What is Uber?

Basically Uber is a usually a cheaper alternative option to hiring a black cab taxi or private firm taxi.   Uber is accessed and operated via a smart phone app which is available on both android and apple iPhone that lets you book a car and driver to take you in any of the following UK and Irish cities:

Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Dublin , Edinburgh, Glasgow, Home Counties Leeds, Leicester, London, Manchester, Merseyside, Newcastle, Nottingham, Portsmouth, Sheffield and York. (with more and more being constantly added)

How you can make money with Uber and become a driver?

Uber makes it possible to turn your own car into a taxi, become your own boss and thus allows you to make extra money in a very flexible way as you can choose your own hours to suit your life style – whether you work while the kids are at school, in the evening as a second job or just at the weekends to make some extra cash.

So how do you become an Uber driver?

 The main points to bear in mind for the process of becoming an Uber driver are the following:

  • Your must have your own road worthy car that is fully insured (including cover for business use) and taxed. A list of suitable car makes and models is available from Uber.
  • You will need to hold a valid Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) licence.
  • Ensure that the business use of your insurance covers you for public liability as this is essential as you will be carrying members of the public.
  • Complete some basic training via Uber.

So how much money can you reasonable expect to make?

Uber claims that you could make £565 for around 35-45 hours per week, this is after it has taken its service fee cut of 25% (as of July 2016). According to discussion forum , then the amount you earn it dependent upon where you live and work, how many hours you are available for and which hours you work e.g: unsociable and or weekend or when the tube is closed after 1am tends to be a better earning potential time.

Other information on how making money with Uber works:

· Uber will calculate and pay you directly into your bank account.

· Your will be self-employed so if you will need to keep basic records for completion of your annual tax return and pay over any tax due. A accountant can help you do this if need be.

· You can use your own smart phone to download the Uber GPS app, or alternatively you can rent one from Uber which includes the cost of the phone and data charges.

So why not give it a go and start driving and earning some extra cash now?  You could even pick up some tips and share you experiences with our make money community forum.  Good Luck.