Here some few ideas for ways to make money from your hobbies and interests: –

 Musical talents –  If you play a musical instrument then you could make some extra money by giving lessons to beginners.  Do some research to find out how much you can reasonably charge and then advertise your services in local newspapers and supermarkets to attract potential customers in your area.

Card making – If you are the creative type then why not make money by selling your homemade cards?  You could sell them on websites such as e-bay or even set up your own website.   If you work in a large organisation then selling your cards at your work place could be a real money spinner for you too – providing of course that your employer has no objections!   Get together a portfolio of cards for lots of different occasions so that you can showcase them to your colleagues. 

Artwork – If art is your passion then have you considered making money by selling your creations?    Start by taking photographs of your pieces of artwork and then create an appealing portfolio.  Visit local art galleries and see if they would be interested in your work.   Check out establishments such as restaurants and coffee shops near you to see if they are displaying local artwork and ask if they would showcase your work too.  Create a portfolio on-line and sell your work through on-line galleries or on e-bay.  As always, remember to find out what fees you will be charged so that you can calculate your potential profits.

Cake making – There are lots of special occasions that need a nice cake from birthdays and christenings, to weddings, leaving do’s and general party celebrations.  The problem is that a lot of people either do not have the time or skill to make cakes, so if you have a flare and passion for it then why not make some and sell to friends and relatives at first and see where it takes you.  By photographing your results and displaying on social media like Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram, you will find that orders will soon be coming in.