Do you have a passion for travel and culture or perhaps food and cooking is your forte. If so, then why not consider a career working within the Travel or Hospitality industries?

People working within these industries often benefit from perks such as discounted or free travel, free food and accommodation. The key to successful careers in both is providing a first class customer service, a sound knowledge of the product (whether it be a holiday destination or a speciality dish in a restaurant) and the ability to remain calm in a crisis!

The types of jobs and the salaries that you could typically expect within these industries are listed below: 

Airline Pilot £70k
To become an airline pilot requires a lot of hard work, dedication and money. If you are lucky enough to gain a place on a pilot training scheme then it usually takes about one year to complete the first stage which leads to obtaining a Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL).  You will then need to undertake further training in order to obtain a Multi Crew Co-operations Certificate (MCC).  Following this, trainees normally seek employment directly with an airline who will then pay for the final stage of training towards a full Airline Transports Pilots Licence (ATPL).
Head Chef £30k
Becoming a head chef traditionally required working your way up through the ranks of the kitchen.   Nowadays, however, there are also a wide variety of qualifications that you can undertake in order to enhance your career prospects within the kitchen ranging from GCSE’s in Hospitality and Catering  degrees in Culinary Arts and Restaurant and Hospitality Management.

Tour Guide £25k
There are not normally any set entry requirements to become a tour guide.  However, qualities that employers will be looking for are enthusiasm, confidence and excellent communication skills.  Speaking a foreign language is also an advantage.  You will usually be provided with training by your employer but prior knowledge of the area concerned including culture and local history is obviously desirable and can only enhance your chances of getting the job. 
 Hotel Manager  £25k    Travel Agent     £20k  


 Air hostess        £20k    Waiter/Waitress         £15k

Typical employers include TUI UK, Co-operative travel, P & O Cruises,British Airways, Hilton, local restaurants, bars and hotels, Premiers Inns, Best Western and Ibis.