There are many types of mystery shopping that you can get involved in. Mystery shopping jobs are extremely varied and include:

Eating out at a restaurant or staying in a hotel – usually a franchise and would involve completing a review on aspects of your visit such as customer service, food quality, cleanliness of restaurant, helpfulness of staff etc…  Which means that you not only get to go out for a free meal or stay in a hotel, you also get paid for the pleasure!

Buying a specified product or service from a given industry which could include theatre’s, retail shops, fast food outlets, banks, gyms, hairdressers, beauty therapy salons etc..    

Telephone call and emailing  – to enquire about a product, service, regulations,helpline advice or simply checking up on response times and accuracy of answers to queries

Specific industry related regulatory compliance checking – via the telephone or in person.  This is especially beneficial if you have any knowledge in a given industry area, brand, product or service.

How to become a mystery shopper?

Firstly register with one of the major mystery shopper sites listed. Next they will send you job assignments for you to accept and complete.  Don’t worry, you do not have to accept any that you do not wish to , however the more willing you are to do assignments and complete them in a timely manner means that you are more likely to get more frequent and varied assignment offers in the future. 

Why will companies pay me to do this?

The reason why you will get paid as a mystery shopper is because companies are seeking to find out what service their customers are receiving. Armed with this feedback, they are able to evaluate the customer service experience to see what elements are performing well, but more importantly where improvements need to be made.

So why not sign up to day and see where it takes you?