If you use Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest then you will no doubt have lots of Facebook friends, Twitter followers and Pinterest followers. This means that what you say can help influence and inform the people that you connect with.  Business owners who want to market their business through the medium of a Facebook page, group or community are interested in helping to spread the word of their service or product and brand via people like you.

When a small business owner or person sets up a new Face book page, Twitter account, Instagram or Pinterest board, the initial challenge exists in obtaining the first ‘page likes’, Twitter or Pinterest followers.  This is a challenge that gradually gets easier once the first 100, 200 or 500 or so ‘likes’ and/or followers have been obtained as the ‘word starts to spread’ and the business presence starts to appear on other peoples Facebook screens, Twitter, Instagram accounts and Pinterest boards. New people get interested and also ‘like’ or follow the business or person.  The growth then tends to grow at a lot faster rate –even exponentially in some cases.

The sooner that the initial batch of 100, 200 or 500 or so likes and/or followers are obtained, the better the chances of growth for the brand, business or new product launch.  For this reason businesses are willing to pay people to instigate this initial liking/following process. A lot of websites have sprung up to service this demand selling batches of ‘facebook’ likes or twitter followers from packages of 100 to 5000 + over a period of time. However equally individuals like you have also seen the potential that they have within their existing social media network and have started to offer their ‘liking’/follower services on freelance working sites where they can advertise or allow people to bid for the work or provide a sponsored posting/ tweet. 

A word of caution if you are a business on the receiving end of looking for an initial “liking / following service”,  ensure that the time period for acquiring the following is spread over a time period so as to look as natural as possible to the like of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest computer algorithms. There is little point in just obtaining 500+ like in one day and then nothing the day after as this is likely to be flagged as suspicious. A far better way would be to spread the liking over a week with the level increasing towards the end.