Call centre work tends to be front end customer service focused primarily telephone, email and internet chat based.  The working environment is usually open plan and operators will have their own computer terminal, headset and tend to work from prepared scripts.  There are a lot of call centre jobs even though some of these are migrating abroad. The work tends to be suited to individuals who enjoy providing customer service but also do not mind working in a target and highly monitored environment.   There are no specific qualifications required and training is usually provided at the commencement of employment.

Opportunities to make money a lot of money is limited in a lot of cases, however more lucrative positions in technical contact centre support such as IT /Software do exist, as well as those at manager level and multi lingual vacancies.

The industries to target for such work include, utility, banking, insurance, telesales and telecoms.

Typical employers include – Centrica, Santander,  F&C Investments, Motability, Specsavers and E.ON