Human beings are an opinionated bunch and naturally we wish to share these opinions, so far as to shout them from rooftops if possible. Blogging is a way we can do so without disturbing the peace and so along with the rise of the internet has been the fascinating rise of blogging. However, blogging is not all about sharing opinions for the sake of it. Much has to do with money, as blogs are setup and maintained for the sole purpose of generating capital. Making money through blogging however isn’t easy. Here are a few tips.

 Traffic is Capital

The first thing you should preoccupy yourself with when it comes to blog ownership is generating enough traffic for your blog to be a worthy money making commodity. The amount of people your blog can wheel in has a direct impact on the amount of money you can expect to be making. Whether it’ll be through sponsorship, advertising, donations or any other avenue, your blog will need traffic to generate money.

 Quality Content

 In order for your blog to generate traffic, you will of course need it to home quality content. Whether this content is in the form of videos, articles or music your blog must have something, which is appealing enough to garner in a substantial amount of visitors.

 PPC Advertising

 Now so long as your blog has a fair amount of regular visitors, you can now start making a good bit of money through advertising. PPC (or Pay-Per-Click) advertising is one way of doing just this.

 PPC advertising works by installing an advert on your blog, whereby each click of that advert will generate you a few pence. Now a few pence is of course very little, but the more clicks the advertisements receive the money pence you’ll get. In practice you’ll need these adverts to get a great amount of clicks, which can only be done through your blog attracting a great amount of visitors.

 Guest Blogging

 SEO dominates much of the internet and many companies will pay you to post articles on your website for the purpose of such articles having a backlink or two to their business.

 If your blog has a high online standing and plenty of visitors you can charge guest bloggers to host material on your website.

CPM Advertising

CPM (or Cost Per Mile) advertising is often a more reliable source of generating money than PPC advertising, so long as your blog has plenty of visitors. CPM advertising works through an advert being displayed on your blog and generating money through its sheer presence.

 When it comes to building a brand, visibility is valuable and so many businesses will pay you money to have their brand displayed on your blog.

 A CPM advert needs to be hosted under a CPM program. The more impressions an advert gets, through page visitors, the more money you will receive.