Make and save money by generating our own free electricity and selling any surplus that you do not use back to the national grid.  
This is achieved through installing solar panels on your roof that not only provide you with free electric but can make you extra money by selling any surplus that you do not use.
With the current government ‘Feed in Tariff’ rate, it is estimated that you can earn in the region of 10% return per year on your initial investment cost of the solar panels. 
The feed in tariffs are currently tax free, index linked and are also guaranteed by the government, even though they have recently slashed the tariff rate paid out.
Initial investment in solar panels can be costly (even though the price is steadily coming down) and it can take in excess of 15 years to fully recoup the outlay however there are grants available to lesson this initial cost and payback period. After which time you can sit back and enjoy free electric and also make money on the electric that you sell back to the grid.   There are alternatives options worth investigating where a company will install the panels for free
Given that the cost of electric has and is still rising rapidly, the upward trend in pricing is unlikely to reverse and so this long term outlook should be given some serious consideration.