How to make money from You tube

You tube is one of the global video-sharing websites where you can generate a considerable amount of money with an excellent subscriber base. Now we shall discuss on how to make money from You tube videos and cash in via You tube ads.

  1. First, visit the official website of You Tube and set up a new account by selecting ‘Create a new channel’.  A single You Tube account is automatically paired with a You Tube Channel. Since it is linked with a Google account, you can access some of their features like G-mail, Drive and Maps.


  1. Add relevant keywords in order to enable the visitors to track your channel with ease. In order to insert keywords, choose ‘Advanced section’ from the Channel settings.


  1. Always choose a username which is short and simple. It allows the viewers to recognize your name easily.


  1. Consider uploading high-quality contents without too much length. Do not forget to publish the contents on a regular basis. Keep on improvising your video quality to ensure stays for a longer period of time.


  1. Enhance the video content by incorporating superior quality camera and video editing tools. Ensure that you use a tripod stand while shooting a scene. Place your camera in an up-right position to make sure your scenes are caught accurately. By doing so, the user engagement would automatically improve.


  1. The key on how to make money from You tube is to drive more traffic to your You tube Channel. Each video should be tagged with relevant keywords and catchy description.

7. Building up audience.  One of the key factors behind a successful monetisation is by increasing your target audience.       The revenue is generated when a user clicks on the ads placed besides your video.


  1. Share the You Tube videos through popular social media platforms such as Face Book, Twitter and Linked In to establish a rigid fan base.


  1. Respond to the customer feed backs on a regular basis. Do not forget to create videos upon request of the viewers through comments page.


How to activate ‘Monetisation’ in your You Tube Channel?


  • You can enable ‘Monetization’ visiting the official website of ‘You Tube Channel’ and choose ‘My channel’. Then select ‘Video Manager’ and activate the option ‘Monetization’. This is the start of your journey on how to make money from You tube.


  • Remember that you need a minimum of four thousand hours of watch time and one thousand subscribers to cash in. Ensure you check ‘Monetize with ads’.


  • To monetize a particular video, you need to click on the ‘£’ GBP which is located besides each video.


  • Google Ad Sense:

Setting up Google adsense  is very simple. You are required to comply with the guidelines of Google ad sense before creating one. A valid PayPal and bank account is essential in order to link it with Google Ad Sense. The accumulated cash can be transferred from your PayPal account to bank once you have reached a minimum threshold.

You tube is indisputably one of the top platforms to earn a great deal of profit. Just look at the like of Stampy , Logan Paul, PewDiePie, HolaSoyGerman, Smosh, JennaMarbles, NigaHiga, VanossGaming, elrubiusOMG, Yuya, SkydoesMinecraft, and DanTDM just to name a few who have learnt how to make money from You tube.