Free online competitions

Ever wanted a fun way to try and earn money and potentially gain huge prizes? If so then why not try entering free online competitions?

There are a huge number of TV competitions that are FREE to enter online even though if you chose to enter by text instead then they cost an average of £1.50 each to enter! Also, the beauty is that you have exactly the same chance of winning the competition by entering online for free as you do if you paid and entered via text.  

Now if you are thinking – yes but I will need to spend lots of time watching the programs to see what the competition is then do not worry a quick way to do this is to firstly check the list below.  Next do a Google search for the answer as there are many websites and forums where people regularly update what the answers are.

So which competitions should you enter? 

There are always regular ones such as Daybreak, This Morning, Lorraine, Loose Women, Dickinson’s Daily Deal and The Chase etc.  Unfortunately some of these popular competitions have currently stopped the free online entries, but do still allow free entry via a postal entry.  However there are also so many other competition’s around for example: The Tipping Point , Britain’s got Talent, The X factor, The Gadget Show, Take Me Out,  Secret Dealers,  Dancing on Ice,  All Star Mr and Mrs,  The Cube,  MTV,  Sky Sports.

And if the above are not enough to keep you busy then  there are also even more free online competitions to enter via different dedicated competition websites as well the main supermarkets .  Tesco, Asda, Morrison’s, Sainsbury’s etc.  and also the main newspapers such as The Sun, The Mirror, Daily Express, Daily Mail, The Independent, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Metro and local newspapers etc. Finally there are all the magazines such as Marie Claire, take a break, puzzle magazine, Cosmopolitan, Glamour magazine, Woman magazine etc…