Do you want to know how to earn money as a chatline, text or webcam model?. Make money and get paid simply for talking on the phone, texting, talking or modelling on your webcam – all from the comfort of your own home. The more you interact with people the more you earn, and you get to choose when you want to be available to work.

How to get a webcam model , chatline or text operator job

After registering with a reputable agency or company such as, you will receive a percentage share of the revenue generated (some companies offer up to 70% of the gross revenue income). With some premium lines and cam’s costing the customer up to several pounds per minute then there is great potential to earn a decent amount of money whether it is on a part time, full time or a second income basis. Ideal when the kids are at school or gone to bed.

You could go even further and setup your own website and cams’ and hence keep all the revenue yourself. So if you want to be your own boss by working from home on a self-employed basis, then please see below.

Chat line operator

Key details of how to earn money as a chatline operator job are:

Need to be 18 or over.

Avoid any company that asks for any upfront application or setup fees.

Flexibility to work at the times you choose out of the 24/7 week.

No prior experience necessary – receive training prior to starting if required.

Have a fixed line telephone line

Usually get paid every week or fortnight into your own bank account.

Required to be sexually open minded and capable of discussing matters of a sexual nature.

Totally confidential – customers will never get to know your real telephone number or personal details as long as you do not choose to provide them. 

A variety of job’s including Phone Sex Operators (PSO’s), Tarot, Psychic Operators, Gay line Operators.

Webcam operator

Similar as earning with a chat line operator above but with the below differences:

Require a computer and web cam (ideally a HD cam but not essential) with a microphone and a broadband connection.

Large earning potential for creative, attractive, friendly, flirty and energetic individuals.

Be in full charge and control of your own chat room with the ability to have your own personalised settings to suit your own preferences such as blocking viewing access from certain cities, countries. 

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